Ed's Radio (AA6ED) – Amateur Radio Clubs

Riverside County, CA

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Club / Organization Net (Day / Frequency MHz)
American Red Cross, Riverside County
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
Monday N6SLD 145.220 (−)
ARES Orange Section Sunday WA6TWF 446.320 (−)
ARES Riverside County Northwest
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
Thursday (except 1st) KI6REC 449.300 (−) PL 103.5 Hz
ARRL Southwestern Division Sunday WA6TWF 446.320 (−)
Citizen Radio Emergency Service Teams (CREST) Communications, Inc. Amateur Radio Club – KE6TZJ
Corona, Riverside County, CA
Monday GMRS Channel 6 (462.675) [Non-Amateur Band]
CNARC (See Corona / Norco Amateur Radio Club)
Coachella Valley Amateur Radio Club – NR6P
Palm Desert, Riverside County, CA
Corona Communications Specialist Volunteer (CSV) Team
Corona, Riverside County, CA
Corona / Norco Amateur Radio Club (CNARC)
Norco, Riverside County, CA
CREST Communications, Inc Amateur Radio Club (see Citizen Radio Emergency Service Teams)
Desert Radio Amateur Transmitting Society (RATS) – WD6RAT
Palm Springs, Riverside County, CA
Desert Waves Amateur Radio Club – KR7AZ
Blythe, Riverside County, CA
Golden Triangle Amateur Radio Club – W6GTR
Wildomar, Riverside County, CA
Thursday W6GTR 146.805 (−) PL 100.0 Hz
Inland Empire, CA
Daily (except 2nd Tuesday) WG6OTA 449.160 (−) PL 77.0 Hz
Wednesday (4th) 146.580 (Simplex)
K6AFN Amateur Radio Group
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
Keller Peak Repeater Association
Corona, Riverside County, CA
Wednesday KE6TZG 146.385 (+) PL 146.2 Hz
Friday KE6TZG 146.385 (+) PL 146.2 Hz
Lee De Forest Amateur Radio Club – K6LDF
San Jacinto, Riverside County, CA
Menifee Valley Amateur Radio Club – N6MVA
Menifee, Riverside County, CA
Mile High Radio Club (Riverside County RACES – Mountain District) – KD6OI
Idyllwild, Riverside County, CA
Moreno Valley Amateur Radio Association – AB6MV
Moreno Valley, Riverside County, CA
Tuesday KI6REC 449.300 (−) PL 103.5 Hz
Moreno Valley (City of) ACES / RACES Wednesday 147.510 Simplex
Riverside City CERT (see Riverside Emergency Communications Group)
Riverside County Amateur Radio Association – W6TJ
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
Monday (except 4th) W6TJ 146.880 (−) PL 146.2 Hz
and W6TJ 224.460 (−) PL 110.9 Hz
Monday (4th) 146.880 Simplex
Tuesday 50.500 [6 meter]
Riverside County Northwest ARES (See ARES Riverside County Northwest)
Riverside County RACES
Riverside County, CA
Monday (1st) KE6TZG 146.385 (+) PL 146.2 Hz
Riverside County RACES – Mountain District (see Mile High Radio Club)
Riverside Emergency Communications Group
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
Wednesday KD6DDM 146.610 (−) PL 103.5 Hz
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN)
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Section of the Sierra Del Mar Division
Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, CA
Sunday KE6TZG 146.385 (+) PL 146.2 Hz
San Gorgonio Pass Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) – W6PRC
Beaumont, Riverside County, CA
Wednesday (1st,3rd) W6CDF 147.915 (−) PL 123.0 Hz
Wednesday (2nd,4th,5th) 145.540 Simplex
Wednesday 446.520 (Simplex)
Wednesday 223.480 Simplex
SATERN (See Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network)
Solera CERT
Beaumont, Riverside County, CA
Solera Radio Club – KC6SRC
Beaumont, Riverside County, CA
Monday W6CDF 147.915 (−) PL 123.0 Hz
Southwest Division and Region 9 Air Force MARS
Southwest Remote Radio Club (SWRRC)
Riverside, Riverside County, CA
SWRRC (See Southwest Remote Radio Club)
Tri-County Amateur Radio Association (Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties)
Claremont, Los Angeles County, CA [ DISBANDED ]
U.H.F. Associates – WB6ZOD
Calimesa, Riverside County, CA
Yucaipa Amateur Radio Society (YARS)
Calimesa, Riverside County, CA
Sunday pm AI6BX 147.180 (+) PL 88.5 Hz
Sunday (1st) after the pm net 147.570 (Simplex)
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