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Pending Legislation / Policies:

  • California Assembly Bill No. 1785, enacted 26 September 2016, appears to prohibit all non–hands free Amateur Radio operation while driving. Review the text of the law.
  • A new bill (H.R. 555), the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017, has been introduced in the House of Representatives to replace the failed H.R. 1301. At this time, H.R. 555 has passed the House of Representatives and has been received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.
  • ARRL has reportedly asked the FCC to allocate a new Amateur Service on a secondary basis at 5 MHz. The federal government is the primary user of the 5 MHz spectrum.
  • The FCC is seeking public input on a Petition for Rule Making (RM 11767) asking to elimitate the 15 dB gain limitation for Amateur Band Amplifiers. This petiton was filed by Expert Linears America LLC of Magnolia, Texas who distributes linears manufactured by the Italian firm, SPE.
  • Lifetime Amateur Radio Licenses – The FCC is currently seeking comments on a Petition for Rule Making (RM 11760) asking the FCC to grant lifetime Amateur Radio licenses. Updated: The FCC has denied this petition.
  • 80/75 Meter Band Edge Modification – The FCC is taking comments on ARRL's January Petition for Rule Making (RM 11759) seeking adjustments to the 80/75 meter band edges. It asks the FCC to shift the boundry between the 80 meter RTTY/data subband and the 75 meter phone/image subband from 3600 kHz to 3650 kHz.
  • The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 (H.R. 1301) – Directs the Federal Communications Commission to amend regulations concerning the height and dimensions of station antenna structures to prohibit a private land use restriction from applying to amateur service communications if the restriction precludes such communications, fails to accommodate such communications, or does not constitute the minimum practicable restriction to accomplish the legitimate purpose of the private entity seeking to enforce the restriction. (Source: Congress.gov). Updated: H.R. 1301 has died. Although it passed the House of Representatives by an unanimous vote, it never made it to a vote on the Senate floor due to the objections of Senator Bill Nelson from Florida.
  • Vanity Call Sign Fees – As of 03 September 2015, the FCC has eliminated the regulatory fee ($21.40) associated with obtaining or renewing Amateur Radio vanity call signs.